To surcharge or not to surcharge?

December 22, 2022

A card surcharge is a small fee applied to the retail price that businesses can charge customers when they pay with a card. It exists to help the business cover the cost that they incur when accepting card or digital payments, which is issued to them by their bank or EFTPOS provider.
And while surcharges are not typically loved by customers, their uptake by businesses is increasing, as the cost of running a business continues to rise.
So, how does one decide whether they will absorb or pass on this fee? Here, it’s important to consider your business structure, what competitors may be doing and how this could impact on your sales – it won’t always be a simple yes or no.
That’s why with Pago, we offer optional surcharging. This gives you the ability to change your mind on whether you will pass the fee onto your customers or not, depending on what you find works best for your business. Perhaps you would like to pass on a portion of the surcharge – easy done. Pago was designed with flexibility in mind and exists to simplify the way you accept payments. View our pricing page for more information on Pago’s services.
So go on – try it your way with Pago EFTPOS.

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