Pago EFTPOS Features

Explore Pago’s vast array of features that are customisable to suit your business’ needs. Make taking payments quick and easy when you switch to Pago EFTPOS.

All Pago EFTPOS terminals come with a number of features that are designed to help your business grow. From POS integration, to customisable functions and a real-time dashboard, Pago’s offerings go far beyond the physical terminals.

Pago - Reliable hardware and connectivity​

Next Generation Technology​

At Pago EFTPOS, we utilise next generation technology and run continuous upgrades to our solutions, ensuring you are getting the best payments experience possible.

Optional Surcharging

Pago terminals allow for optional surcharging to be activated, meaning you can pass card acceptance fees onto your customers if you wish. Passing fees onto customers means you will pay nothing in EFTPOS fees!

Pago - Optional Surcharge

Reliable Hardware & Connectivity

Pago has partnered with leading international suppliers to bring you the best EFTPOS payments experience possible. Pago terminals are manufactured by Verifone, with switching capabilities from Cuscal and terminal software developed by mx51.

Customisable EFTPOS Features

Pago terminals are fully customisable to your business, with a range of optional features that you can activate depending on your needs. Think POS integration, surcharging, split billing, tipping, MOTO payments and more!

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