Merchant Dashboard

Our Merchant Dashboard is jam-packed with a number of easy to use tools and features that are designed to empower both you and your business.

When you have a Pago EFTPOS terminal at your business, you get access to our full-service Merchant Dashboard that comes at no extra cost to you. The Merchant Dashboard allows you to view transaction and terminal data in real-time or historically, from the device of your choosing meaning you can access powerful insights and important information relating to your EFTPOS terminals, payments, settlements, and more at any time, any place!
Pago - Real-time dashboard

Clear Reporting

Improved visibility

Easy to use

Reporting via the Merchant Dashboard

The intuitive Transactions page allows you to filter past transactions by date, amount, type, terminal ID and more, giving you the clarity and depth of insight you need on each and every transaction. 

With the ability to compare transaction totals across reporting periods, from sales totals to number of transactions, there are a number of figures that you can benchmark against and develop useful insights from. 

Plus, if you need to share this information with anyone outside of your team, you can download a csv file with all relevant transactions and send them through.

Dashboard Features

Pago’s Merchant Dashboard gives you easy access to facility information, allowing you to edit terminal nicknames and upload your logo onscreen. In addition to viewing your EFTPOS data on the fly, the Dashboard provides deeper insights into the transaction history and status of each individual terminal, including battery charge, connectivity and POS information.

The user management function allows you to swiftly add, update and delete users from your Merchant Dashboard, ensuring all who need access can have it promptly. Provide customisable user access for your staff on either an ‘Administrative’, ‘Employee’ or ‘View Only’ level.

EFTPOS Support

As always, our helpful support team is here to help you around the clock. If you would like any further information or need some help with how to navigate around your Dashboard, please contact us on 1300 999 850.

Contact us today to learn more about how Pago’s Merchant Dashboard can help your business stay ahead of their payments and grow!

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