Pago EFTPOS Terminals

Whether you are looking for an Integrated or Standalone EFTPOS terminal, we’ve got you covered. Explore the range to find the best solution for your business. 

Pago Primo

Our hero EFTPOS terminal, Pago Primo, is your full service and mobile payments machine – allowing you to take payments wherever you do business. With POS integration and standalone options available, your business will be able to accept transactions any way you like.

Pago Link

Pago Link is the perfect combination of a lightweight, yet robust and reliable EFTPOS machine. This hard wired device is ideal for your reception desk, to your countertop through to your venue’s wet bar area, with the option to have the device pole mounted if desired.

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  • Pago Primo
  • Pago Connect
Features Pago PrimoPago Connect
per month
per month
POS integrated
Receipt printingReceipt printing done by the POS
Real-time dashboard
Nickname your terminals
Reliable hardware
Upload logo on-screen
Digital wallet payments
MOTO payments
Low cost routing (LCR)
Split billing and tipping
24/7 local support
Customised transaction pricing
Accepts all major payment methods
Zero cost eftpos*
4G connectivity
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*Zero cost EFTPOS can be achieved by passing the full surcharge onto customers.

Pago’s competitive and simple pricing is tailored to each individual business, meaning you will always get the best value for your business.

EFTPOS Pricing

Pago’s pricing structure is flat – meaning there are no unwelcome surprises for your business. With no sign up fee, affordable EFTPOS terminal hire and free receipt paper rolls, you’ll be able to put more money into your business’ back pocket. Plus, your business can set up optional surcharging so that you can automatically pass on card acceptance fees to customers.

*Zero cost EFTPOS – Set up surcharging to automatically pass on card acceptance fees to customers. This means you will no longer have to pay EFTPOS transaction fees again, helping you to reduce your business’ costs. Speak to a Pago team member to find out more about zero cost EFTPOS.

Protect your hospitality business with Pago! Ensure faster, smarter and more secure payments with Pago EFTPOS machines in your venue. Your Pago terminal transactions will be kept secure with password security settings and transaction limits in place. Plus, with real-time monitoring, Pago allows you to have a clear overview of your accounts and aids in the identification of any suspicious activity.

POS Integration

Pago’s EFTPOS terminals integrate with over 70 Point of Sale providers, delivering seamless and quick transactions to your business. Using an Integrated EFTPOS system in your business helps to simplify the payment process for both the merchant and the customer, while ensuring that such payments are secure and reliable. 

EFTPOS Security

With password security settings on the terminal and transaction limits in place, your Pago terminal and transactions are secure. Plus, you’ll benefit from constant security updates when they are available at no extra charge. 

Real-Time Dashboard​

Pago’s user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor your Pago EFTPOS terminals in real-time, even before you start your working day. The live dashboard helps you to reconcile your payments, view transactions and identify each terminal’s battery life. Plus, easily name and customise your terminal via the merchant dashboard to suit your business’ needs and branding. If you ever need help with your Pago dashboard, contact our 24/7 Support Team via phone or email and we will be able to assist you with your query.

Our EFTPOS terminals are designed for all types of businesses

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Pago accepts all the major card schemes

Take comfort with Pago knowing that your business can accept all major payment methods. Pago also accepts digital wallets and MOTO payments so you can take payments in whichever way suits your business.

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