EFTPOS terminals in Australia | Why choose Pago EFTPOS for hospitality

January 25, 2023

After more than 10 years of working in and around the hospitality industry, Next Payments made the move to launch an EFTPOS solution that would support the flow of digital payments and make reconciliation easy for hospitality businesses of all sizes. You name it – restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and food trucks all call for an EFTPOS terminal that is customisable, flexible, easy to use and designed specifically for hospitality businesses. We love all types of hospitality venues and know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Following countless conversations with publicans, venue managers and the like, we have designed our EFTPOS machines to have a range of features that can be customised to suit your individual venue’s needs.

Enough chit-chat, let’s dive into some of Pago’s most hospitality friendly features…

Pay at table

Pago EFTPOS terminals are portable, meaning you can take payments at the front counter, at the table, or just about anywhere in your venue. With 4G dual sim, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, you won’t have to worry about losing connection in the middle of a transaction.

Pago - Easy Split Billing


Add the tipping function to your transaction flow to allow your customers to tip you when they’re making digital payments - you deserve it.

Pago - Split Bills and Integrated Tipping

Split bills

Make accepting payments from large groups easier by adding the split billing option to your terminal’s transaction flow. Greater flexibility = happier customers.

Pago - Next Generation Technology

Point of Sale Integration

Pago can integrate seamlessly with your POS provider, simplifying the payment process and reducing any manual entry errors. To view our growing list of POS integrations, click here. If you would prefer to keep them separate that’s no problem, Pago works just as well on its own.

Pago - Optional Surcharge

Optional surcharging

With optional surcharging, you can choose who will pay the flat rate surcharge for each transaction. Depending on what works best for your venue, you can choose to absorb the fee or pass this along to your customers, or you could meet halfway. The choice is yours!

Pago - Customer Success

MOTO Payments

With a Pago terminal, you are able to take MOTO payments ensuring you never miss a transaction. A MOTO payment is the remote processing of a payment, where the card and customer are generally not present. To take a MOTO payment, your Pago terminal will request a management password - this is done as an extra layer of security as these remote payments do come with some risk with the purchaser’s identity hard to verify. If you are comfortable with the transaction, enter in the password, key in the purchaser’s card details and go forth.

Fast transactions

When you install Pago at your hospo venue, you will gain access to our fast transaction speeds. With superior connectivity, your customer’s tap, dip or swipe will swiftly deliver a successful sale. Plus, after settling your transactions, you can send your funds to your nominated bank account after just one business day, giving you access to your money fast.

Your logo on screen

Wanting to hero your venue? It’s your lucky day. With Pago, you can upload your business’ logo onto your terminal’s dashboard and even give it a nickname - try Front Bar 1.

If there are any additional features you think your hospo business needs from Pago, shoot us an email support@pagoeftpos.com.au

Contact us today for more information on how Pago EFTPOS could elevate the way your hospitality venue operates.

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