Contactless Payments

March 2, 2023

Contactless payments are also known as Near Field Communication (NFC) payments. NFC technology means that these payment forms don’t actually require any physical contact between the customer’s card or device and the EFTPOS machine, hence the name of contactless payments. Tap and Pay, Tap and Go and payWave are all examples of different NFC payments.

While there are many different names for the technology, each of these share common functionality in the way that they enable transactions via a contactless chip (NFC) that is located inside payment cards, phones, watches and other wearables. For an NFC chip to be detected, the two devices need to be in very close proximity, meaning it is a secure method of payment. In addition to convenience, this level of security is a key reason for its widespread use.

How do Contactless Payments work?

To make contactless payments possible, NFC chips are embedded in the design of a payments product, whether this be a debit card, mobile phone or other smart device. 

When this payments product comes within a few centimeters or touches the EFTPOS machine, the two devices talk to one another and share the relevant data. And just like that, the transaction is processed and you are good to go. 

Does Pago EFTPOS accept contactless payments?

Pago makes accepting contactless payments easy, accepting all the major card types and digital wallets there are. Whether your customers prefer to dip, tap or swipe, Pago has got you covered with all these functions and more. Plus, we are working swiftly to integrate with even more payment methods moving forward. View our terminals page today to see which of our EFTPOS machines can accept contactless payments. 

Keep up with the competition by providing your customers with the freedom to choose how they pay – enquire now to find out how.

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