A sustainable EFTPOS solution | Pago EFTPOS is carbon neutral

January 25, 2023

Your favourite EFTPOS provider is now carbon neutral.

At Pago EFTPOS, sustainability and the wellbeing of our planet are front of mind. That’s why, alongside our parent brand Next Payments, we have worked hard to reach our goal of becoming carbon neutral as part of our sustainability journey. Working with Carbon Neutral, a leading carbon offset provider, Next Payments were officially able to reduce their collective climate impact to net zero on 14th of December, 2022.

Carbon Neutral uses a three phase plan to assist businesses in their journey to operating more sustainably. To begin, Next Payments’ total emissions were calculated, then based on the company’s footprint, Carbon Neutral suggested a number of practical ways that this figure could be reduced. Here, Next Payments made a number of changes, including the installation of solar panels and energy efficient lighting in its offices. Next Payments switched their energy provider to a carbon neutral offering, Go Neutral by Energy Australia, and began sourcing eco-friendly and recycled materials where possible. In addition to these substantial measures, Next Payments encouraged behavioural changes amongst their employees, acknowledging that change on an individual level is extremely important.

In order to reach net zero, Next Payments offset their remaining emissions in Carbon Neutral’s Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor project. The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor is a large-scale reforestation project in Western Australia which works to restore the landscape and preserve biodiversity. For more information on Carbon Neutral’s work, please see here.

Here it has also been important to consider our supplier and partners’ values. Pago’s hardware supplier, Verifone, shares our commitment to sustainability, as evidenced through its product design and packaging processes. You can read more on Verifone’s efforts to minimise the environmental impact of their products here. At Pago we also see how the smaller things can create big change. That’s why we give merchants the ability to send their customers digital receipts via email instead of a printing paper receipt. It’s also why we took extra care to use entirely recycled materials in our Pago packaging, because every little effort we make can create a positive change.

As a Next Payments brand, Pago EFTPOS embodies the same values – we are passionate about providing an EFTPOS solution to customers that does not come at the expense of our environment. We are always looking for different ways that we can become better global citizens and hope that we can assist further in the future. We encourage all businesses and organisations to adopt this mission and reduce their emissions.

Pago’s eco-friendly EFTPOS solution makes the ‘buying’ process easy for merchants who are also passionate about sustainability and are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the planet. As they say, ‘surround yourself with like-minded people’, so choose Pago EFTPOS – a leading EFTPOS company that acts in an environmentally conscious manner.

Contact us today to learn more about switching to a carbon neutral EFTPOS provider.

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